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7055419Kills bacteria up to 18 times faster then chlorine!

Does not evaporate and continues to work efficiently!

Ionization releases copper and silver into the pool, reducing bacteria and algae growth.

  • Copper and Silver ions are pH neutral, non-corrosive and have no effect on the human body in the amounts used to treat your pool
  • The filters work by passing the water through cartridges in the pool filter. The copper and silver contained in the cartridges is dispensed in small amounts into the water, creating the cleansing ionization process.
  • These natural minerals purifies naturally and have none of the side effects of chlorine.

Not that we recommend drinking it, but the water is most likely cleaner then what comes out of your tap!

Zero Risk • We Know Our Product

90 Day Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. We will pay all costs to return your system back to pre-installed condition. 5 Year Manufacturer Warranty. Purifier repaired or replaced free (first two years). All electronic parts 100% covered (remaining 3 years)

20 Minutes • Installation

Pays for itself and saves up to $100 every month. Future of pools, currently being used in new construction around the world by Luxury Developers.

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